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How to Personalize a Survey

1. Navigate to Survey

2. Click "Personalise"

3. Click "Welcome Message"

4. How to Add Welcome Message Type 5

5. Click Welcome Message Type 1 "Display only an image in Portrait"

6. Click "Browse" button to upload image options

7. Click here.

8. Click "Crop Image" Button.

9. Click Welcome Message Type 2 "Display only an image in Landscape"

10. Click Welcome Message Type 3 "Display Text along with Image in Portrait"

11. Click Welcome Message Type 4 "Display Text along with Images in Landscape"

12. Click Welcome Message Type "Display Text Only"

13. Click "Editor"

14. Click "End Message"

15. Click the "Custom" field.

16. Click the "Enter Text Here" field.

17. Click "Survey"

18. Click "Page Break"

19. Click "Section"

20. Click "Divider"

21. Click "Text Block"

22. Click the "Enter text content here to share a description, disclaimer or any general purpose content with the respondant" field.

23. Click "Save"

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