Customer Feedback App for Banks



Multilingual Surveys! Use Survtapp in your preferred language. Choose from English, Hindi, Chinese, French, Japanese, Arabic, German and many more.



Capture the voice of the customers opens up more opportunities for your customers to give more honest answers.

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Loop Surveys

Set a single survey on Loop mode to automatically repeat after completion to avoid selecting a survey each time

Over 20 Question Types

Works Offline

Capture leads offline even without internet and sync when you're online next


Individual and Comprehensive Analysis

View single and all response results with graphical representation of data


Personalised Welcome Message

Personalise each survey with a Welcome Screen Image and/or Text Banner to attract more leads

Time Duration

Time Duration

View the Time Taken to Answer each question or an entire Survey in a single response

Survey Updates

Survey Updates

Add, Edit or Remove Surveys with seamless sync over the internet


Brand Logo

Personalise your Survey with your Own Brand’s Logo


Digital Over Paper

Capture client feedback digitally, utilise data and derive analysis instantly. View & Download records to save time

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Received Responses from multiple channels all in a single Survtapp Account


Auto-Reply Emails

Automatically Trigger Emails to Respondents, Survey Collectors or Yourself

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Feedback System at Banks

  • Gather prospective leads

    Building engagement & trust with the customer should be the bank's focus strategies for a better customer relationship.

  • Capture-Leads

    Demonstrating customer value to remain relevant is now the most primary concern for banking industries.

  • Analyse-Individual

    An instant feedback from your customers using Survtapp about their experience helps in monitoring the banking standards in terms of customer services.

  • Channels

    Handling query on a much faster rate,making you one step ahead of your competitions.