More Features Than You Can See

Survtapp is built with all the features required to make collecting and comprehending data very simple. Collect responses on the app or on the web with separate questionnaires for every audience group to best capture the required data

Create Surveys

Create custom surveys to capture any kind of data for any purpose

Collect Responses

Collect &l Unify Responses from Mobile Devices and Online in one account


Analyse & Visualise your data collected with comprehensive & individual responses

Mobile App

A power house of features, use the Survtapp Mobile App to add enterprise mobility to your business

Create Surveys


Survey Format

Choose from a Single Screen (all questions on a single page) or Multi Screen Survey (one question per screen) Presentation Format.


Question Types

Select from over 20 Question Types including Text, Numeric, Dates, Image, Audio, QR Code, Net Promoter Score, etc to collect a variety of information on web and mobile



Create custom forms to collect data with preset validation options so you don't need to worry about invalid information being recorded


Completion Message

Create a custom Completion Message after the survey is completed to incentivise or gamify your survey

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Survey Logic

Create a custom path to Answer a Question, Skip a Question or End a Survey based on the participant's responses to achieve close ended results


Required Questions

Ensure importance of data but creating questions or forms which are mandatory to be answered in order to validate data collected


Net Promoter Score

Ask a Net Promoter Score type question and know your brand's negative, neutral and referral capabilities

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Text Block

Share an introduction, instructions, disclaimer or any other important information anywhere in your survey



Select from ready built-in templates for Product Research, Customer Feedback, Supplier Feedback, Patient Information, Net Promoter Score, etc.

Collect Responses



Real Time Reports

View Reports of Data collected from Mobile Devices, Web or Survtapp Open App instantly once users upload data from their devices


Download & Analyse

Download results for the complete survey or an individual response in PDF or XLS format



Capture location of each survey submitted from mobile devices


Comprehensive Responses

View comprehensive results of a surveys in a snapshot indicating all performance parameters of your data collected


Individual Responses

View data for each response individually along with subjective information like Large Text Data, Images, Audio, etc



Sort and filter Responses Collected by Device Username, Web or Open App, Date & Time or even Location of the responses

Mobile App


Dedicated Mobile App

Download Survtapp on multiple devices for multiple users, collect data and collaborate all responses to your Survtapp account


Works Offline

Collect data even without an internet connection. Your responses are stored safely in the device and are uploaded as soon as you're connected to the internet


Kiosk Mode

Easier & faster data collection for un-manned events and opportunities. Simply use the Kiosk Mode and safely leave your device unattended ready for data collection


Answer via Open App

Collect information with the advtange of Mobile Device Only questions like Image Capture, Geolocation, Signature Capture, Audio Capture, etc type questions which are not available for Web Surveys, without registering users. Simply ask your target audience to download Survtapp on their device and enter the Survey ID.


Data Storage & Recovery

All responses are saved in the Device Memory up to the limit set by you (Go to Settings > Select 10MB/25MB/50MB/100MB) and you can also Choose to Recover Responses in a CSV file directly to your device's file manager storage.


Font Size

Adjust the Font Size in your device from Small to Extra Large


Loop Surveys

Set a single survey on Loop mode to automatically repeat after completion to avoid selecting a survey each time


Skip Completion Message

Enhance your data collection speed by using the 'Skip completion message' option under your App Settings. The survey would restart immedaitely after data submission saving you more time


App Logo

Personalise your Survey experience with your own brand's logo when displaying a survey



Preview Surveys in Web Mode before deployment. Before deploying the surveys in the device get an idea of how your survey looks like by previewing it.


Mobile App Data Storage

You can save Responses Collected in your mobile device up to 10 MB, 25 MB, 50 MB or 100 MB. All responses are saved in the Device's Memory and uploaded online to your Survtapp Account.


Mobile App Data Recovery

You can directly export Unsent Responses from your device to a CSV file on to your device memory or SD Card using the Device File Manager



Data collected in your device is uploaded to your Survtapp account and the Primary Account Holder can view responses collected from your device



Use Survtapp in your preferred language. Choose from English, Hindi, Chinese, French, Japanese, Arabic or German. Coming Soon: Multilingual Surveys!