Survtapp: Event Lead Capture App

Over 20 Question Types

Quick Survey

User Friendly Web Software to Create & Deploy Surveys

Intuitive Question Builder

Drag & Drop

Easily set up / Edit your survey with the drag and drop feature of Survtapp.

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Image Capture

Start a Selfie Contest or The Best Shot on event Wins Contest with the Survtapp Image Capture Question Type

Over 20 Question Types

No Connectivity

Collect Responses even without internet. Responses are uploaded whenever you’re connect next.

Intuitive Question Builder

Capture Contact Details

Capture important contact information about leads with unlimited custom fields

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Completion Text

Create a custom Completion Message after the survey is completed to incentivise or gamify your survey

Over 20 Question Types

20 different Questions

Single/Multiple Choice, Text, Audio, Image, Location, Signature with Objective & Subjective options

Intuitive Question Builder


Capture the Geo-Location of each response and view an Individual Report

Collect Using Multiple Channels


Set a single survey on Loop mode to automatically repeat after completion to avoid selecting a survey each time

Over 20 Question Types

Triggered Mail

Automatically Trigger Emails to Respondents, Survey Collectors or Yourself

Intuitive Question Builder

Real-time tracking

View the Time Taken to Answer each question or an entire Survey in a single response

Collect Using Multiple Channels


Segment your audience according to the responses collected through survey

Feedback for event management

Web-Screen21 Web-Screen21

Collect Feedback at Events

  • Gather prospective leads

    Plan your events better using Survtapp.

  • Capture-Leads

    Collect post event feedbacks, understanding audience reactions & identifying prospective leads for all your events,contest or promotions using Survtapp.

  • Analyse-Individual

    Insightful surveys about the event can help you understand the footfalls of the event and to improve it in the next event plan to make it more successful than the previous one.

  • Channels

    Feedback from the guest before and after and during the event can help you figure out the next plan of action in the event.