Take customer feedback on iPhone, iPad, Android tablets With Survtapp

Over 20 Question Types

Smart Survey

Intuitive Question Builder, Works Offline and Collect responses with Multiple Devices

Intuitive Question Builder

Collect Responses

Collect & Unify Responses from Mobile Devices and Online in one account

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Customised Thank you Message

Incentivise Leads who enter their information or add a Personal Message after each survey is recorded

Over 20 Question Types

Different Question types

Single/Multiple Choice, Text, Audio, Image, Location, Signature with Objective & Subjective options

Intuitive Question Builder

Add Logic

Skip and Chain logic allows you to collect more relevant data for analysis

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Audio Question Type

Capture the voice of the customers opens up more oppurtunities for your customers to give more honest answers.

Over 20 Question Types

Survtapp Open App

Share the Survey ID (123456) and ask anyone to Answer your survey by downloading the Survtapp Mobile App. A very useful feature if you need Mobile Device Only Questions or Anonymous Surveys to be answered

Intuitive Question Builder

Works Offline

Capture leads offline even without internet and sync when you're online next

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Kiosk Mode

Automate Lead Capturing with a stand with the secure Survtapp Kiosk Mode

Over 20 Question Types

App Logo

Personalise your Survey experience with your own brand's logo when displaying a survey

Intuitive Question Builder

Data Storage & Recovery

All responses are saved in the Device Memory up to the limit set by you and you can also Choose to Recover Responses in a CSV file directly to your device's file manager storage.

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Assign to agent

Assign the Survey to different store managers with Survtapp and view reports of data collected instantly once the agent uploads the data collected.

Actionable feedback Software

Web-Screen21 Web-Screen21

Automobile buyer Feedback Application

  • Gather prospective leads

    Survtapp makes it easy to collect & collate data about your customers car buying patterns or after purchase service expectations.

  • Capture-Leads

    Understand your customers and make better business decisions through accurate feedback on your services.

  • Analyse-Individual

    Capture all your leads and queries in your showroom and service stations.

  • Channels

    Create multiple locations, give location-based access to different agents, view responses and do detailed reporting.