360 Restaurant Feeback App

Survtapp makes Restaurant Surveys easy. With simply designed feedback forms, make your customer give you feedback about your restaurant with an easy and a simple android/iOS app. Dont wait for your customers to give you feedback, instead reach out to them and understand their needs.

Survtapp: Comprehensive Restaurant Feedback App

Over 20 Question Types

Mobile Apps

A power house of features, use the Survtapp iOS or Android Mobile Apps to add enterprise mobility to your business

Intuitive Question Builder

Question Types

Select from over 20 Question Types including Text, Numeric, Dates, Image, Audio, QR Code, NPS®, etc to collect a variety of information on web and mobile

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Text Block

Share an introduction, instructions, disclaimer or any other important information anywhere before a Guest starts answeing a survey

Over 20 Question Types

Multiple Locations

Survtapp empowers you to Collaborate Data Collection from Multiple Devices at Multiple Locations each configured separately

Intuitive Question Builder

Multilingual Surveys

Create and Deploy Surveys in over 12 languages and also customise interface langugages for a localised guest experience

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Intutive Question builder

Drag and Drop Editor: 20+ Question Types, Formatting Tools, Contact Form & Welcome Message

Over 20 Question Types

CRM Integration

Integrate with your favourite CRM and seamlessly transfer Contacts via our REST API

Intuitive Question Builder

Capture Leads

Configure Data Collected from Multiple Forms to Collect Guest Information in a common pool with optional custom fields

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Welcome Screen

Personalise each survey with a Welcome Screen Image and/or Text Banner to attract more Guest Feedback

Over 20 Question Types

Custom Fields

Create Specific Field Data as per your needs along with preset validation options

Intuitive Question Builder

QR code & Bar Code Scanner

Express Data Collection using the QR Code Scanning and Bar Code Scanning Question Type

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Survey Response Time

View the Time Taken to Answer each question or an entire Survey in a single response for more actionable insights

Guest Feedback Form or a Restaurant Feedback App?

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Why Survtapp?

  • Gather prospective leads

    Use the built in Kiosk Mode to automate guest feedback collection with Auto-Loop making automated data collection a breeze.

  • Capture-Leads

    Understand the customers needs and requirements and also the problem area of your business and existing customers and identify your potential customers.

  • Analyse-Individual

    Deploy multiple devices with a single Survtapp account and cumulatively collect data from different stores.

  • Channels

    Digitally provides a set of real-time tools for collecting, understanding and analyzing the customer responses in precise & summarised formats.