Use Survtapp to Collect feedback In- Stores

Over 20 Question Types

Easy Web Interface

Create Surveys for any type of data collection, manage devices and Analyse responses individual or comprehensive results of the Survey.

Intuitive Question Builder

Kiosk Mode

Use Survtapp on Kiosk Mode to capture te data while the device remains unattended and the survey will auto-loop after every response.

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Works Offline

Survtapp works offline. Data collected in the device stays safe and is uploaded when your device gets connected to the internet.

Over 20 Question Types

Create Surveys

Create Custom Surveys to capture any kind of data for any purpose.

Intuitive Question Builder

Download & Analyse

Download results for the complete survey or an individual response in PDF or XLS format.

Collect Using Multiple Channels


Sort and Filter Responses collected by device username, Web or Open App, Date & Time or even location of the responses.

Over 20 Question Types


Set Triggers for unhappy customers to alert you over email or send a customised email to the customer.

Intuitive Question Builder

Custom Thank You Message

Create a Custom Thank You Message after Survey is completed to thank your customers for their response.

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Multiple devices

Deploy multiple devices to collect data in a single Survtapp account which is not only convenient but also enhances your data integration and analysis.

Over 20 Question Types

Secured data

Collected & Synced responses from Mobile Devices, Online or Open App are unified in one account.

Intuitive Question Builder

Logo & Branding

Customise the App Look & Feel with theme options and add your own logo

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Data Recovery

All responses are saved in the device memory up to the limit set by you and you can also choose to recover responses in a CSV file directly to your device's file manager storage.

Survtapp in your store

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Oppurtunities with Survtapp

  • Gather prospective leads

    Instant data collection of customers who share positive or negative feedback directly uploaded to your Survtapp Web Account and when you synchronise your device.

  • Capture-Leads

    With buying behaviour and shopping trends, you can visualise customer buying behaviour and product trends.

  • Analyse-Individual

    Learn about customers experience at your retail stores right from purchasing to after sales.

  • Channels

    You can deploy multiple devices with a single Survtapp account and cumulatively collect data from different stores.