Survtapp is an Offline Hotel Survey Software and Hotel Feedback App which works seamlessly for any size of Hotel or Resort. Our platform empowers your marketing team to identify, reward and engage with guests in real time. In addition to being a 360 Hotel Survey Software, Survtapp also helps build brand visibility across platforms, retain guests and spread awareness to potential guests.

Survtapp: Hotel Survey Software

Customised Forms

Smart Survey

Intuitive Question Builder to Collect Responses with Multiple Devices

Comprehensive Responses

Add Logic

Skip and Chain logic allows you to collect more relevant data for analysis

Data Driven Decisions

No Connectivity

Collect Responses even without internet. Responses are uploaded whenever you’re connect next.

Customised Forms

Real time reports

View the Time Taken to Answer each question or an entire Survey in a single response

Customised Forms

Multi- Lingual

Create and Deploy Surveys in over 12 languages and also customise interface langugages for a localised guest experience

Customised Forms


Personalise your Survey experience with your own Hotel's Logo, Brand Colors & Theme Settings

Customised Forms

Data Storage

Cloud Based Storage to keep all previous and current Survey Responses

Customised Forms


Know your brand's negative, neutral and referral capabilities via Net Promoter Score® question type (NPS)

Customised Forms

Kiosk Mode

Automate Feedback Collection with the secure Kiosk Mode enabled on all mobile devices for unmanned participation

Customised Forms

Custom Triggers

Customised and Send Automatic Triggers to Guests for Post Stay Engagement

Customised Forms

Multiple Channels

Collect Survey Data through Mobile Devices or a Web Link both directed to your Survtapp account

Customised Forms

Custom Thank You Message

Add a Personalised Note after completion of Surveys

Improve your Hotel guest experience

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When to collect Feedback in Hotels?

  • Gather prospective leads

    Engage your customers or guests by asking them to share their feedback when they are checking out from their hotel

  • Capture-Leads

    Collect feedbacks in the hotel restaurants after they finish dining.

  • Analyse-Individual

    Place tabs in the hotel rooms or reception in Kiosk Mode which will auto-loop the survey from the beginning for your guests to provide feedbacks.

  • Channels

    Collect quick feedback sharing weblink via SMS or Emails.