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The World’s Simplest Data Collection App

Capture, Collate, and comprehend data with Survtapp's custom surveys; and make data driven decisions.

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How it Works

You are only 3 simple steps away from making data backed decisions. Manage your account and devices on the web; and use the tablet app to capture data that really affects your business

Create A Custom Survey

Create an account, and choose between a free or paid plan, to build your first custom form for all your devices

Capture & Collate

Use the App to start collecting onsite responses right away - in loop, online, or in-person

Actionable Results

View or download straight-line and charted data for immediate business decisions based on your survey results

Survtapp Dashboard

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App Features

  • Custom Surveys

    Choose from 12 answer types to best capture responses to your questions and make your survey more likely to be completed

  • Go handsfree

    Collect responses even when you leave the tab unattended. Use the loop mode to re-start a survey when one is completed; all other tab functions remain locked

  • Works Offline

    You don’t need internet to collect responses on the app

Survtapp Features
  • Geo Location

    Location of a respondent is captured when a survey is submitted. Download location along with the remaining responses on your web account

  • Agent Management

    Use your web login to create surveys, view and download charted responses, and manage all your registered devices from one place

  • Charted Data

    View and download value added individual or cumulative responses at any time. Use it in reports, presentations and make prompt executive decisions

Endless Posibilites

Endless Possibilities

Whether you’re conducting research for a new product, or taking feedback from a restaurant diner or simply accepting a registration form, you can do it all with Survtapp. Deploy devices in multiple locations and analyze cumulative results at the decision maker’s desk without the hassle of transferring raw data from piles of paper forms and emitting the scope for human error.

Collecting feedback at an airport, restaurant, or at an art fair; heading out into remote areas with low connectivity for field research in text and image; anonymous hospital data; simply recording contact information at a trade fair or member registration at the government office. Survtapp gives you the most efficient solution to capture and comprehend value added data in any industry

Lead Capture

Convert leads into sales when you record them on Survtapp from your office or at an event

Primary Research

Capture organized, extensive, first-hand data on Survtapp to effectively conduct study reports


Create a brief feedback form to assess your customers’ experience at the end of a meal, an event, etc. insstead of the conventional paper and pen

Data Driven Decisions

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