Survtapp: Patient feedback Software for Health Care & Clinics

Over 20 Question Types

Web & Mobile Data Collection

Collect Survey Data through Mobile Devices or a Web Link both directed to your Survtapp account

Intuitive Question Builder


Capture location of each survey submitted from mobile devices

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Works Offline

Collect data even without an internet connection. Your responses are stored safely in the device and are uploaded as soon as you're connected to the internet

Over 20 Question Types

Auto Loops

Set a single survey on Loop mode to automatically repeat after completion to avoid selecting a survey each time

Intuitive Question Builder

Add Logic

Create a custom path to Answer a Question, Skip a Question or End a Survey based on the participant's responses to achieve close ended results

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Data Storage & Recovery

All responses are saved in the Device Memory up to the limit set by you and you can also Choose to Recover Responses in a CSV file directly to your device's file manager storage.

Over 20 Question Types


Multilingual Surveys! Use Survtapp in your preferred language. Choose from English, Hindi, Chinese, French, Japanese, Arabic, German and many more.

Intuitive Question Builder

Real-time Reports

View Reports of Data collected from Mobile Devices, Web or Survtapp Open App instantly once users upload data from their devices

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Download & Analysis

Download results for the complete survey or an individual response in PDF or XLS format

Over 20 Question Types

Custom Thank you Message

Add a Personal Note after completion of Surveys

Intuitive Question Builder

Trigger Mails

Automatically Trigger Emails to Respondents, Survey Collectors or Yourself

Collect Using Multiple Channels

Welcome Message

Personalise each survey with a Welcome Screen Image and/or Text Banner to attract more leads

Patient Feedback System

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  • Gather prospective leads

    Healthcare surveys can provide you answers you need to make improvment about .

  • Capture-Leads

    Feed in your patient’s details after their visit and get their valued suggestions for your Doctors, services and other healthcare facilities.

  • Analyse-Individual

    These reports and analysis can be used to evaluate staff performance over time.

  • Channels

    Monitor & analyze the suggestions with Survtapp to improve on the services.