Customer feedback is a great way to help a brand improve on its weak links. So it is essential that brands must select the most appropriate mediums of communication and presentation in order to captivate a customer’s experience.

4 ways to conduct an Engaging Customer Experience Survey

Survey format

How your survey is displayed plays an important role in Customer Engagement. If your survey is short & crisp then you’ll be able to collect more responses. But on the other hand if the it’s a lengthy process customer might simple skip to respond.

Question types

Question that you ask your customers play a vital role in the overall analysis of the survey. A survey conducted should be to the point as the customer these days have shorter attention span they might not hesitate to skip the survey or just fill in the space randomly. The questions asked in the survey should be time relevant & precise in order to get a better response.

Survey Logic

It Consists of two types of Logic:-

  1. Skip Logic
    Skip Logic is a process to skip a question to simply end the survey or go to another question as per the customer’s choice. So if a customer is not interested in answering a question he/she can simply skip the question & end the survey or can answer the next question. This will give the customer a freedom to respond as per his time & requirement.

  2. Chain Logic

    Chain Logic is a process to chain a question if a customer has a Negative/Postive feedbacks about the Services/Products provided. So if a customer wants to tell more about it or they want to express what they feel about the Services/Products provided they can answer the further chained question.This will give the customer a freedom to respond as per his/her requirement.

Net Promoter Score

It is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships. It saves on a customer’s time as he is simply given a chance to rate the service or product. Since it is not a time consuming process any customer will happily spare out few moments to give a feedback through NPS.

Apps like Survtapp helps in providing all these features at one place & makes customer feedback and interesting & beneficial activity.