Capture Leads to Increase Automotive Sales with Effective Lead Capturing

The Automotive Industry is one of the largest in the world and evolving rapidly to meet consumer expectations. Like any other business, generating leads & sale conversion is the ultimate goal of this industry too.

It is very important to understand your customers to make better business decisions with the accurate feedback on your services by capturing all your leads and queries in your showrooms and service stations.

Using Survtapp, a data collection app, one can gather data and presenting the actionable results for lead/sales conversion. This survey app was designed to help automotive sector to create new sales opportunities and retain their existing customers. This can also be used in capturing in-market car buyers at shopping malls and other high-traffic areas.

Survtapp also helps in capturing leads, information about walk-in queries and prospective leads, after-test-drive feedback, after-sales feedback and service feedback. The automobile industry can use this survey app as a lead capture tool in automotive showrooms, and as a customer feedback tool in service stations to get an insight about the customer requirements and experiences better in the Automobile sector.

This automotive lead capturing software is an ideal complement to the automotive sales process for increasing customer engagement and sales conversions. It helps the industry to create a better experience for the dealer’s customers and better buyer intelligence for their sales managers, ultimately leading to higher sales.

Using Survtapp mobile app, the industry can gather information about their prospective leads in an auto trade shows, exhibitions etc., where customer’s queries can be handled regarding automotives before a purchase.

This information collected about your potential customers can be very useful for lead generation eventually leading into sales conversion. By knowing your potential customers you can get in touch with them by offering them your services & products. Using the automobile survey app, you can collect & collate data about your customer’s car buying patterns or after purchase service expectations.

Data collected can be downloaded with a representational data report that can help automobile sector analyze the loopholes of their brands, helping them in improving their services & products and formulate a strategy to deal with it in the most efficient manner.