Customer Satisfaction is the core factor that defines your business lifecycle. High levels of Customer Satisfaction with exceeded expectations results in Customer Retention, Customer Loyalty, and Product Repurchase – the core purpose of conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys. 

Creating an effective Customer Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire is not an easy task but definitely worth the time invested. It has to be so effective & specific that a customer spents his time giving their genuine & honest feedback .

Short is nice

The very simple technique of keeping the survey short & simple works with any type of survey.Get the shortest way to ask a question without loosing its interest as no one wants to spend a lot of time answering a survey questionnaire.

Do you remember the time you answered a 30 min survey with an excitement? No? Thats because it just didn’t happen.No one is going to spend half n hour to give their feedback on any service or product. The length of the survey decides the customer’s time & interest they are going to spend on the survey.


Ask precise questions with precise answer options – the more clarity you offer in your Surveying capabilities, the clearer would be your responses and actionable data output. Feel free to ask a lengthy question if it provides value in creating objective and accurate responses.

Ask Close Ended Questions

It is tempting to let a customer enter any data as they may please but from a Analytical Point of View, it is much easier and provides much more valuable insights. If the customer feels like sharing more details about their feedback on your service or product, let them do so by asking Open Ended Questions and give you a wider understanding of a specific customer’s experience with your brand.

Timing & Touchpoints

The time of execution of a survey is as important as conducting one. You need to approach the customer or place your Kiosk App when and where the customer would feel most comfortable to answer and share their opinion. Needless to say, efforts made in contacting a customer for feedback too early or too late would not achieve desired results – hence you should keep the time and touchpoint in appropriate slots ensuring the customer remembers your brand and his opinion of your product or service. As for Touchpoints, both approaches are correct and it depends on the nature of the brand, space and time required per survey – an Automatic Kiosk App has advantages of being able to work with a large sample size vs a Manual In-Person Feedback App accompanied by a person has advantages of being able to personally pursue a target customer for his/her feedback.

Gamify & Incentivise

A simple and effective tool to ensure higher response rate is to incentivise your target audience with an advertised gift or a surprise gift which acts as a driver for people to share their opinion about your product or service. We call this ‘Gamification‘ of a Survey and Survtapp also has a built-in feature to automate this for your survey participants.

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