8 Things to Remember When Creating a Market Research Survey

So you’re planning get hold of what the audiences think about your product/service and where does it stands in comparison to the competitors? Even though traditional and now re-iterated to suit the modern digital era, market research surveys are the best way to get an idea about the products/services that your business is all about.

However, there are certain points that you should remember while preparing the questionnaire that your targeted audience will take.

These 8 points must be followed in order to get the most out of your product/service’s market research survey.

  1. Keep it simple and specific:
    The first and foremost thing that you should remember is that the questionnaire must be very simple, concise, and to-the-point. A general individual should be able to answer the questions without straining his/her brains.
  1. Avoid double barreled questions: 
    You need to be extra cautious while finalizing the questionnaire to ensure that there are no questions which touch upon multiple topics and allows the answer for only one. Such type of questions will confuse the person who is taking the questionnaire and will also hamper the accuracy.
  1. Unbiased: 
    While answering the questions of your survey, the audiences should not feel like that you have not given them the chance to express their grievance, if they have any. The questionnaire as a whole and the tone of each question should not indicate the surveyor’s intent towards/against one school of thought.
  1. Multiple choice questions:
    More often than not, people will take up the survey when they see that the questionnaire has multiple choice questions. However, you need to ensure that the answer options must not overlap and there should be a ‘None of the above’ option.
  1. Order of the questions is important:
    You can’t just let this thing go. Ask the simple questions first. This was you’re more likely to get more questions answered in your survey rather than scaring them with tough questions at the very beginning.
  1. Use open ended questions: 
    Using open ended questions will enable you to get a better idea about what the consumer feels. A few open ended questions towards the end of the questionnaire will also give the customers a chance to express themselves and give genuine feedback which the multiple choice questions could not have covered.
  1. Timing/Situation of handing out the questionnaire:
    Choose a time of day or location when your group is most likely to answer your survey. Catching them in the morning rush hour or days after they have used a service you needed feedback about may not be the most suitable. It is most practical to study the nature of your audience to determine the most favorable time when the dropout rates would be the least.
  1. Rewards/Incentives:
    Lure the audience. Now, it does not necessarily mean that you will have to offer them cash or vouchers, so that they take up your survey. While you can do that, but, let’s be practical! What you can do is share the goals of your survey which would be to improve customer experience or update a product or launch a new one.

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