Negative Google Reviews

A negative customer feedback on social media, search engines or any review site can scare away potential customers, investors, employees and associates. For instance, if you’re getting Negative Google Reviews – look into the matter and try to find out if the review is genuine and what is the depth of the grievance.

It’s important how you handle a feedback and repair your impression of the complaining entity and of the web audience on Google Reviews. By following the right approach, you can ensure that future customers would rather communicate and get in touch with the right person or department in your company versus writing negative google reviews or negative Facebook reviews which really do not repair the situation for the aggrieved party as well.

It’s natural for customers to vent out negative reviews on a search engine or a social media website sooner than they would talk positive of our brand, product or person. In the event that you have received bad reviews, its time to rectify and repair your online image by requesting a potentially happy audience to write positive reviews for your brand (genuine and original reviews of course) and try to negate the overall impact. After all, once a Negative Review is published – it’s out there in the open for anyone and everyone to see and judge your brand and form their own opinion, perhaps without even experiencing your brand at all.

In such an event, its useful to utilise a Customer Feedback Software and conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey to your existing clients and actually finding out who are your brand advocators and promoters. Learn how a Net Promoter Score can help your brand.
Here is a quick list of 5 Ways to Deal with Negative Google Reviews:

  1. Don’t get disappointed
    It’s normal to feel bad or attacked when a consumer leaves a negative feedback especially when it’s slightly unfair or the consumer is wrong. Avoid to respond in anger. If you stay calm you’ll be able to deliver a positive & beneficial response & solve the issue better.
  2. Respond to the negative feedback
    Don’t let the negative response just be there, acknowledge the customer in first place who took out time to give a feedback. If you are wrong, an apology & a quick explanation of what went wrong & how you’ll tackle it in the future will have an impact on the customer & help build trust on the brand. If the customer is wrong, politely make him/ her understand what happened & why was the outcome like what it was, will help enhance your trust among others. A response ensures that you care about every customer & are willing to provide whatever help possible.
  3. Deal with the matter offline
    Handle the situation offline if possible. This will give you a better understanding of the problem & help you in solving the matter. In fact dealing with the matter online will invite more negative reviews as people will be ready to take some rewards & fame.
  4. Listen to the problem & learn from it
    Understanding a problem is a must to be able to solve it. Listen to the matter carefully & gather real time feedback as soon as the customer makes a purchase with a survey app like Survtapp. Give your customer a chance to share the feedback while the experience is fresh in order to avoid such cases to land at Social Media. A good survey app will alarm you with a negative feedback & allow you to solve the issue in real time.
  5. Ask for a positive review
    Once the issue is resolved you can ask your customer to give a positive feedback or add to the negative one that the issue was resolved & you provided with the best you could.

By practicing regular Customer Feedback Surveys with either using a Web Survey Software or a Customer Feedback App for Android amongst your customers, associates, employees or vendors – you can ensure a negative review to reach you before it goes online or on social media.


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